1 Selenite polished crystal healing palm stone

2.5" to 3" $5.00 each

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Selenite Crystal tower 4 inches

Healing, Protection, Remove Negative Energy,

Remove Energy Blocks, Use in Grids or around the home.  $7.00 each

1 Rose Quarts polished crystal healing palm stone 2.5" to 3"  $14.25 each

Some Benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp: Purify the Air, reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, improve breathing, increase energy levels, improve mood and reduce stress.

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp 6-7 inches

Includes neem wood base, cord and bulb

Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp 5-6 inches

Includes neem wood base, cord and bulb.


Crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore are not prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information.  Always see a Doctor or other professional healthcare medical practitioner for all health issues.

Grounding Crystals

These stones help to keep you from floating away into the ethers & becoming forgetful or getting lost.  A powerful grounding stone can help root you to one place & yet at the same time bring your awareness to a higher level.  Don't worry, a grounding stone won't weigh you down, it is meant as a stabilizing energy.

Chakra Balancing Crystals

All healing crystals carry balancing energies.  The trick in knowing what type of stone you need is to determine where your imbalances are.  Some crystals help align all the primary chakras, where as others focus on specific chakra (heart chakra, throat chakra, etc.

Energizing Crystals

Choosing an energizing stone is a great way to help you get through tough times.  Energizer type healing crystals tend to be very powerful because of their higher vibrations so you may need to use them sparingly.  But, they can be miracle workers when you are feeling tired or weakened.  You could temper them a bit if you wrap them in a gold setting.  Also, you might want to keep these highly charged gem stones away from your bedside so you can get a good nights sleep.

Love Crystals

Crystals called love stones generally carry warm and soft energies.  Odd, how they can just land in your lap right when you need them the most. They can help you attract love and also assist in learning how to love yourself or become more compassionate with others.

Manifesting Crystals

Manifesting Crystals carry manifesting powers and are very magickal.  They can help you focus on those things that you truly want.  These healing crystals can also assist you in getting and keeping a positive mindset.

Meditation Crystals

Meditation Crystals are crystals that can be used in meditation to help you focus and assist you in attempting to connect with higher powers, the angels, or akashic records, etc. 

Record Keeper Crystals

Crystals are ancient and wise and they are excellent memory keepers.  Certain stones are better at absorbing and retaining information than others.  Keep a memory keeper with you if you are a student while attending classes.  It will take notes and help you stay grounded and be focused on the information being given.  Don't forget to carry your memory stone in your pocket on exam days. 

Shielding & Protective Crystals

Shielding Crystals can be used as energy shields or worn as a protective amulet.  They work best when you wear or carry they on your person.  Because of the absorption qualities many of them have it is important to learn how to cleanse them to clear them of negative energies they pick up.  They absorb the negative energy and vibrations so you don't have to.

Charging your Crystals

The Sun - place crystals in the sun anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours to activate them.  (also cleanses them).

The Moon - place the crystals under the light of the moon for several hours (this also cleanses them). 

The Soil - bury the crystals near a healthy crop overnight - it charges the crystal and cleanses them.

Ocean - If you live by the beach, dip the stones in the ocean and then let it sit in the sun on the sand for about 10 minutes to an hour.

Crystal Charging - place the crystals in a bowl of Clear Quarts crystals or in a Clear Quarts Cluster.

Thunderstorm - place the crystal outside in a thunderstorm for a real power charge!

Cleansing your Crystals

There are several methods to cleanse your crystals - here are a few-pick the one that you like best.

Bury the stone in the earth to for a period of 24-72 hours.  Feel the vibrations when you take it out-if it needs more time, bury it again.

Let the stone sit outside exposed to sunlight for one full day (sun up to sun down).  Or if you like, let it sit in the full moonlight for one night (sundown to sun up).

Fluorite - Diamond - Yellow Jasper

Turritella - Agate - Carnelian - Ruby - Garnet

Alabaster - Amethyst - Geode - Lapis - Lolite

Citrine - Bloodstone

Apatite - Colbaltocalcite - Rose Quartz

Golden Topaz - Topaz - Opal

Jade - Fulgurite- Kyanite - Serpentine- Tourmaline

Blood Stone - Coral - Petrified Wood- Pietersite

Healing Stones, Crystals and Semi-precious Gemstones come from one unified source - Mother Earth.

Created from the magma or Earth's inner core, healing stones have gone through a geo logic process of heating, cooling and displacement on their way to their present form.