Reiki II Class minus deposit $125.00

Reiki II Class Deposit $25.00

Reiki I class minus deposit $125.00

Prerequisite to Reiki I class:  None, anyone can learn to practice Reiki.

  • 1. Registration and Sign in. 
  • 2.  Smudging (optional).
  • 3. Opening meditation or prayer to join group to the Higher Power and to each other.
  • 4. Sharing – meditation, effects from attunement, use of Reiki, questions or comments.
  • 5. Talk on Reiki II symbols – deeper, complete meaning, how to use them including the many ways to use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for distant and past/future healing.
  • 6. Explain and demo Koki-ho. Explain and demo Jacki-Kiri joka-ho.
  • 7. Lunch (one hour). Use some of your lunchtime to memorize the symbols.
  • 8. Test on symbols.
  • 9. Reiki II Attunement – include Gassho at beginning.
  • 10. Write attunement experiences in notebook – share if you wish to.
  • 11. Break (10 minutes).
  • 12. Explain how to do complete treatment using all symbols.
  • 13. Break up into groups of 3–4 to practice. Start with doing straight Reiki without any symbols. Then add the Choku Rei and after five min. or so, share what this felt like. Do the same with the Sei heki so you will get an experience of what the symbols do in class. Also, practice Koki-ho.
  • 14. Practice Gyoshi-ho – choose partners and switch. This can be done sitting in two rows of chairs facing each other. This can be done in regular treatment. (Note that this replaces Beaming.)
  • 15. Enkaku chiryo with group. Ask for requests from students. Write the names of those you are sending Reiki to on a piece of paper and place in the middle of the circle or use a photo of the person if it is available. Send to create harmony among all people on the planet, or perhaps a world situation. (World healing topics are located at website global healing network page.)
  • 16. Have students pick a partner to exchange Reiki with during the week and send distant Reiki to.
  • 17. Ending meditation and/or prayer.
  • 18. It is a good idea to participate in a Reiki support group. I hold a monthly Reiki Share on the third Thursday of each month..
  • 1. Registration and sign in.
  • 2. Smudging (optional).
  • 3. Introductions – name, work, family, metaphysical background if any, understanding of Reiki, why you want to learn Reiki, and something you like about yourself.
  • 4. Opening meditation or prayer to join the group to the Higher Power and to each other.
  • 5. Reiki Talk – what is Rei-ki?  The different levels of Reiki. How the attunement process works. How does Reiki work?  What can Reiki be used for?  History-Usui- Hayashi-Takata-22 masters, include info on the Gakkai and the discovery of the JRT techniques.
  • 6. Lunch (one hour).
  • 7. Return and regroup
  • 8. Talk about attunement and how it works.
  • 9. Explain Gassho meditation and use this just before the attunement. You will remain in Gassho during the attunement.
  • 10. Reiki I attunement.
  • 11. Write in your notebooks about attunement and meditation experiences—and share if you wish to.
  • 12. Break (10 minutes).
  • 13. Practice Reiki (three or four to a group) – make sure all feel Reiki or that the client does. Share after if you wish.
  • 14. Byosen Scanning – pick a partner, scan, then switch. Explain Reiji-ho and that it is more advanced as one uses the intuition directly rather than the hand.
  • 15. Explain and practice standard treatment, all hand positions (pick a partner and switch).
  • 16. Explain and demo Kenyoku
  •  Use it at end of treatment.
  • 17. Explain Hayashi Healing Guide and how to use it.
  • 18. Explain client release forms and charging money or barter.
  • 19. Break (10 to 15 minutes).
  • 20. Explain self treatment – Byosen self scan and practice self treatment hand positions.
  • 21. Closing meditation or prayer.
  • It is a good idea to participate in a Reiki support group.  I hold a monthly Reiki Share on the third Thursday of each month.

Reiki Level II  10am - 6pm

Reiki Level I  10am - 6pm

Prerequisite to Reiki II class:  It is suggested to have been at least 1 to 3 months from the time of Reiki I attunement to give you time to self treat and learn hand positions but if you feel you are ready before that it is not necessary to wait..  Must be active in practicing daily Reiki Self-treatments.

Reiki II Class: $150.00 

A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 must be paid in advance of class time.  Balance to be paid before or at class. A refund will be paid only if class is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Reiki Level II is about learning Reiki symbols

which will help increase Reiki energy, address emotional, psychological and past life issues,  learn distance healing to support people, and animals without touching them.

Reiki Level I is the foundation certificate course.  Anyone can learn how to do Reiki.  Level one is about self-healing for yourself, your family, loved ones, friends, and pets.  Once attuned you will have Reiki for life.

Reiki I Class: $150.00 

A deposit of $25.00 must be paid in advance of class time. Balance to be paid before or at class. Includes Manual and handouts.  A refund will be paid only if class is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Reiki Class

I and II

Reiki I Class $150.00

Reiki I Class Deposit $25.00

Reiki II Class $150.00

Dr. Mikao Usui Sensie