Dr. Mikao Usui Sensie.

Reiki Master Class:  $325.00

A Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 must be paid in advance of class time.  Balance to be paid before or at class. A refund will be paid only if class is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Price Includes Manual.

  • 11. Lunch (one hour). Use some of lunchtime to memorize symbols.
  • 12. Test on symbol.
  • 13. Explain how attunement works.
  • 14. Reiki Master Attunement. Do Gassho before and during attunement.
  • 15. Write in notebook about attunement and meditation—then share.
  • 16. Break (10 to 15 minutes).
  • 17. Violet Breath – explain, demonstrate, have students practice.
  • 18. Healing Attunement – explain, demonstrate and have students practice. One way to do this is for the teacher to demonstrate Part One. Then have the students break up into groups of three and have one sit in a chair and receive the Part One, have one do Part One and the other person can hold the manual and guide the one doing Part One. Then have each student rotate so each gets a change to practice, receive and guide. Do this with each part. Then have them practice all four parts at one time.
  • 19. Have students do a complete Healing Attunement on each other with the purpose of healing an issue they have. Finish with Aura Clearing and Reiki if needed so that each receives a deep healing.
  • 20. Questions and Answers.
  • 21. Ask students to review the attunement for Reiki I and II as homework.

Reiki Master Class Day 2 10am-6pm

1. Smudging (optional).
2. Opening meditation or prayer.
3. Discussion – the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.
4. Practice Reiki I Attunement using same method as Healing Attunement – discuss, demonstrate, have students practice.
5. Lunch (one hour).
6. Questions and Answers.
7. Reiki II Attunement – discuss, demonstrate, have students practice.
8. Advanced Reiki Training Attunement – discuss, demonstrate, have students practice. (If students are feeling overwhelmed, demonstrate only.)
9. Reiki Master Attunement – discuss, demonstrate, have students practice.
10. Review differences in Usui attunement method – demonstrate Usui attunements. Have students practice the Usui attunements, but only if you have time and if the students have the energy to do so.
11. Explain self attunements and how to do the healing attunement at a distance. Explain that distant attunements are not as valuable as those done in person and only the healing attunement should be done at a distance.
12. Explain the need to practice and show how to practice on a teddy bear or pillow or on oneself by doing a self attunement.
13. Closing meditation and prayer and pass out class reviews.

Prerequisite to Reiki Master Class:  It is recommended to be at least a year from Reiki II attunement but if you feel you are ready for the Master class it is not necessary to wait..  Must be active in practicing daily Reiki Self-treatments.

Master Reiki Class Minus Deposit - $225.00

Master Reiki Class Deposit - $100.00

Master Reiki Class - $325.00

Reiki Master Class

The joys of becoming aReiki Master are many and you don't necessarily have to want to teach Reiki in order for the master training to be beneficial.  The additional healing energy, symbols, techniques, and knowledge will all add to your healing abilities.

What does it mean when someone wants to be a Reiki Master?  It is usually when someone has a great love for Reiki, that Reiki has become a way of life and you want to dedicate your life to the practice of Reiki.  It is a further step towards your own self discovery and development.

  • 1. Registration
  • 2. Smudging (optional).
  • 3. Introductions (for new people joining class only – name, work, family, metaphysical background, understanding of Reiki, why you want to learn Reiki, and something you like about yourself. Students who were in ART should tell new people their names and something about themselves.
  • 4. Opening meditation or prayer to join the group to the Higher Power and each other.
  • 5. Explain what the class will include for the two days, and which parts are from Usui system and which parts are from the Center for Reiki Training Research and Development.
  • 6. Explain the Anthakarana. Suggest using it in class meditations and attunements by placing it under the chair or in front.
  • 7. Review or explain the Hui Yin exercise if not covered in ART.
  • 8. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation – explain and guide class (or use CD available from the Center), explaining the energy flow, and introducing the functioning and governing channel. This helps prepare the class for understanding the Violet Breath.
  • 9. Optional – rather than do the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, just explain how to do it. Then spend this time exchanging Reiki using the Usui Dai Ko Myo. Have 2–3 students give Reiki to one other. Sit in chairs or use Reiki tables. Take 5–10 minutes per person depending on the amount of time you have available.
  • 10. Tibetan Symbols – show them to students, explain usage, practice drawing them.